This book tells the truth about taxpayers money being squandered by the Judge Managed Alternate Defense Services. This book tells how you can stand up for your rights, using Ford's experience and struggle as an example of what you can do for yourself. Very good "Self Help" book. YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Citizen's Rights In Contrast

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 C. J. Ford Private Investigations has been fighting for the individual rights of their clients for years. The main essence that is necessary to resolve a matter that is unfair or unjust is to diligently move forward to it’s resolution.

People give up their individual right, because they are fighting powers that are perceived as larger then they are. This is common because it is hard for an individual to stand up against agencies and organizations that have more resources and legal strength.

Just because an individual stands as one, doesn’t mean that the individual cause has less merit. A large agency or organization is always interested in protecting their interests, even though some of their interest may be illegal or unethical. At each turn an individual, or individuals rights, are crushed and blocked from any possible success.

Large agencies, organizations, and special interest will do anything to silence an individual to serve their greater purpose. The greater purpose is usually to silence an individual, disgrace a just cause by an individual, and to frustrate the individual and the just cause. However, there are methods that an individual can use to fight adversaries that are larger than the individual.

The press releases, articles, and other media sources in this section demonstrate that C. J. Ford Jr. is not afraid to get involved in helping individuals that have suffered great humiliation, frustration, and have been targeted and victimize by the system. This information is not being used to demonstrate a sales technique to bring us in additional clients. This information is made ready to view to showing individuals that they can make a difference.

There is a way, and there is a method to deal with unfair practices. This could be a long path, and uncertain road, but sometimes an individual must make their own roads to achieve the rewards of a just and merited struggle.